Custom Drum Shells and Finishes

Hand crafted steam bent drum shells and custom finishes.
Made by hand. Made with love.

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Wood, Water & Time

Steam bent shells hand-crafted to perfection producing a warm full tone you not only hear, but can feel.

Custom Finishes

Sparkles, flakes, glitters, bursts and more. Beautiful custom finishes second to none.


A delicate balance of woodworking skills and a musician's ear are what make Vigent Drums a joy to look at and play.


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About Dale

I started life here in New Hampshire playing drums in high school, and then Berklee School of Music. I moved to the California Bay Area, drumming in various rock and blues bands. I became interested in repairing drums, which brought me to C.B. Perkins Company, where I apprenticed under the much-vaunted luthier Kent Perkins.

I wanted to learn about bearing edges and drum construction, and got to work with Johnny Craviotto. Johnny had just departed from his company, Solid Select, to build a new company. Together we built drum kits from Keller shells and developed a new way to bend solid shells.

Johnny soon got a deal working with Drum Workshop. I went to learn about decorative finishing in the San Francisco Bay Area for Campbell and Design.

I moved back to New Hampshire after eight years, to open my own shop as Vigent Custom Drums, combining my experiences of steam bending, drum building and decorative finishing. There I build and finish shells out of local hardwoods, for individual customers, Grover Pro Percussion and Lang Percussion. I have a special relationship with Keller Shells, wherein I finish shells for some of their customers.

Hi! This is Dale. Thanks for visiting my website. Hope you like what you see. I'd love to build the perfect drum for you so if you're interested, please send me a message using the form below. Tell me your vision for your dream drum and we'll get the ball rolling. If you just want to say hi, that's cool too :)